About Us:

LabourBid is beyond just a business name. We believe in “don’t labour it all out by yourself, instead, get help from us. We will labour for you!.

Founded by entrepreneurs who understand the difficulty of hiring high quality and devoted short-term workers, LabourBid was established so you could receive free, no obligation proposals from a dedicated team of professionals.

Our unique cloud based platform connects service providers and LabourBid team of professionals for tasks around house chores, moving, landscaping, house repairs, maintenance, auto detailing jobs, etc. Customers can post tasks on LabourBid for free and receive free no obligation bids from LabourBid team. And yes, there are no jobs too small, too big and too demanding for our team.

LabourBid solves some of the most pressing issues:
 It will save considerable amount of customers’s time, when choosing best service providers
 Customers will get the task done at most competitive prices.
 You are hiring verified tradesmen & women, businesses and individual who formed LabourBid.

Our dedicated team of professionals is always working hard to reach out for skilled and dedicated individuals to become part of our team, so you don’t have to ever lift a finger if you want!

We are also here to assist when you need us for any issues or have any questions. Use the contact us form or live chat to connect with us. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our services and offerings.